Synchronised Swimming Legends

Synchronised Swimming Legends

Synchronised swimming is generally considered to be one of the more bizarre, if not ridiculous, sports in the Olympic calendar. The event basically involves two or more people performing a series of complicated, intricate, and highly synchronised manoeuvres whilst submerged in water.
A sort of coordinated underwater ballet.
What is generally ignored is just how complex this exercise actually is. The aerobic fitness of the participating athletes is awesome. To be able to perform underwater gymnastics whilst, simultaneously holding your breath and maintaining total awareness of both yourself and that of your partner, is truly breathtaking, literally!
To attain the levels of gymnastic flexibility, physical fitness and aerobic stamina requires huge amounts of practice and dedication.
If uninformed people judge the credibility of this sport simply because it looks slightly ridiculous and don't really understand the complexities of the routines, then that is both grossly unfair and more significantly, somewhat bigoted.

There are any number of alternative sports, which if scrutinized closely, are nothing short of ridiculous.

Twenty two men chasing a spherical object, round a field, simply to kick it into a net placed at each end, really doesn't warrant too much close inspection. In fact, almost any team sport employing a ball, and indeed team sports in general, become decidedly questionable when reduced to their basic objectives.

To be able to perform synchronised swimming you do at least need to be incredibly fit, with truly awesome levels of aerobic stamina and flexibility, and you do need to be able to swim. All physical attributes which should be considered essential to the wellbeing of the average human being.

It would be difficult to see exactly where the ability to hurl a large round lump of metal or flinging a dinner plate sized piece of wood into thin air would fit into the general pantheon of everyday life. Never-the-less, we are asked to afford these events with the respect that, comparatively, they really don't deserve.

Despite all of this. it is still looks faintly amusing to see a number of legs moving in studied unison, seemingly detached from reality, or anything else, for that matter!