Captain of the black beach volleyball team,
referred to, affectionately, as Attila,
about to discuss a controversial line call.
Just don't tell her beach volleyball isn't a sport.
She'll rip off your scrotum with her teeth!

Fantasy Beach Volleyball

Government Man
Fantasy Beach Volleyball

A reassuring depiction of a typical Government employee, suitably attired, sacrificing his spare time to fulfill his duties on our behalf.

Beach volleyball could, and should, be described as the genuine 'beautiful game'.

When you consider the sport which currently boasts that particular sobriquet is full of grossly overpaid, under-achieving, arrogant young men who spend all their time spitting, swearing, play acting and trying to con the referee then beach volleyball has every right to be considered a genuine contender.

It certainly does no harm to its spectator appeal that the standard dress code for the participants are very small, tight bikinis or skin tight swimming costumes.

Although, to the casual observer, this sport may not be considered a serious form of competition, the competitors would beg to differ. They are almost all extremely fit, tanned and lithe young people who take their matches very seriously, indeed.

That may explain why, out of an almost unlimited variety of Olympic events on offer to Government Civil Servants and employees, free, complimentary tickets for ladies beach volleyball were the most popular.